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Getting Connected

We Collaborate here:

Chat and Collaboration zones:

Wiki, user profiles, and documentation


We use Github Issues for all technical ticketing. Each "Repository" has a separate "issue" section. For example, see Ushahidi_web.  We are investigating better ways to give Feedback/input for Community Members who are not technical.


We are #ushahidi on


We have a number of Community Skype channels: Developer Skype Chat, Mobile, Swift Public and Research Non-Tech Skype Chat

(contact ngelzy on skype to be added to these groups)

Mailing lists:

  • Ushahidi Developer Mailing List:  developers AT ushahidi DOT com
    • To subscribe send an empty email to developers-subscribe AT
  • Swift River Mailing List to join: swiftriver AT googlegroups DOT com
  • Ushahidi Community Mailing list: community AT
    • To subscribe send an empty email to community-subscribe AT

#lcd tv

  1. This is very confusing. We have github where issues are logged and dev happens. There is this space and then the community where I can't register and there is no simple contact form ANYWHERE. This is such a great platform and concept but is really difficult to get anywhere with. mobile apps have serious bugs.