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We post all our community events on the blog. We use Google + and  Meetup for our events. 

Upcoming Events:

Community Events - 2013

Developer Community Meetings

Host a Community Event:

There are Ushahidi users around the world. You can Create your Ushahidi Event. See our wiki page for details. Or, drop us a to get started. 

Types of Events:

  • Topical User Groups: we have regular Environmental Mapper Google Hangouts. Soon there will be more hangouts about Elections and Corruption mappers.
  • Getting involved: We've held Research and Software Developer meetups. These are also becoming quite regular. In the future, we'll host meetups for translators and more.
  • Hackathons: we partner with groups (RHOK etc.) and sometimes host our own hack days
  • Upgrade Days: Sometimes you need a little developer help when upgrading to the latest version of software.  We host upgrade days to help each other.
  • Casual in person meetups: Ushahidian staff hold meetups in various locations.  

  1. Ushahidi deployments with completed languages make it easier for the local regions to communicate with their users. i'd like to better serve them.