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Research of Localization Tools

Feedback From Sophia Gautier:

Some remarks on localization:
- the tool of a localizer are glossaries and Translation Memories, of course spell checker too, but less than the TM. They are very important to ensure consistency among the products and the versions of the product. The more contributors are working together, the more these tools are relevant
- the information given on the context of the string is fundamental
- the ability to refer to a third language is also a good practice, there is a lot of countries where a third language would help to the understanding
- it should be possible to work off line or online. Most of us work off line with our own translation tools, but for small contribution, on line mode is better,
- statistics and checks on the strings are very useful too. Checking for the tags, punctuations, missing translation should be presented by the tool.
I don't know the amount of localization you are about to work on, but the tool can save a lot of time and energy to your team. For example, something like Transifex is very poor, because it has not TM, no context, no checks, but if there is only few strings it could be ok. For more, you should chose something more adapted.