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This community project was initially created by Francesco Ciriaci. To join: Contact Us

Problem statement and Use cases:



The mobile web application is meant to provide an easy way to submit report from mobile devices even without connectivity.

The app will be packaged as a plugin, so the deployment runs at: and the offline version is at

To submit web reports from the regular web interface Robbie created a plugin (see below).

The big opportunity will come especially with the implementation of Custom Forms API: the mobile webapp could then serve as Ushahidi "client" for data collection.

(Online-offline web requires to use not-yet-fully-implemented HTML5 standards, so browser compatibility is quite painful)

To evaluate 

  • the opportunity to design/learn for/from the Ushahidi native mobile apps: how much do they support online-offline? could the webapp do a better field validation?

Next steps

  1. Implement the app as plugin, to be deployed for testing. The plugin should modify also the default Usha web view to include a link/icon to the webapp, maybe a script for auto-redirect, ...) There should be hooks to add that link. If you add a FALLBACK section to the appcache then the browser will auto redirect when offline.
  2. See what's possible with CustomForms APIs / more complete APIs.
  3. Could be used by Crowdmap, at some point, if solid enough.
  4. The app could be featured in the upcoming Mozilla Marketplace - - the marketplace is open for submissions. Will it go in the marketplace if/when active on crowdmap? (a configurable webapp. would need a proxy, need to be investigated).

Related projects

Ushahidi offline interface (experimental)

Allows to access / submit reports offline - Robbie's code:

Mobile apps: 

Android - code:

iOS - code:

Windows Phone (2 years old) - code:

Mobile edition:

(Nov. 2010) - code:

Updated mobile edition code:


Random Hacks of Kindness, December 2011

In addition to running a hack at Random Hacks of Kindness, Francesco has had a few hack days with Reflab Labs.

NASA Space Hackathon: April 21-22, 2012

  1. Check in with the, http:/, and folks. Glad you found the bunch. 

    1. Thanks Michelle. I've been involved in RHOK and CrisisCommons for a few years. Love the Hazardmap potential.

      Thanks for joining.  Hope you had fun at #spaceapps