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Welcome to the Uchaguzi Verification team.

This team is in charge of verification of reports. 

Members of this team should have previous experience crisismapping and be very detail-oriented.

To get started, review the Uchaguzi Verification Overview including the tips and tricks for analysis.

The Verification Team will:

  • Work with the Media Monitoring and SMS Teams to assess reports
  • Collaborate with Reports and Emergency Desk teams for any urgent or critical items.
  • Work with our partners to assess veracity of information in the reports.
  • Use the Internet and social media to the determine the reliability of sources (triangulate)

Why Verification matters:


Verification Checklist

  • Real content? Prove it, Check it three times.
  • Is it Critical or Urgent? Cross-reference the Uchaguzi Categories definitions
  • Is the Report a duplicate?
  • Any Corroborating evidence? e.g. video, picture, similar reports on Uchaguzi,
  • Any Corrobating evidence on social media?
  • Any similar reports from Trusted Partners or other similar reports in Uchaguzi?

For more details, see the Uchaguzi Verification Step by Step on how to "verify" a report in the software.

Learn More:

Uchaguzi Verification Overview

Uchaguzi Verification Step by Step