Wait! So my old subdomain is coming offline!?

Absolutely not. All of the current deployments hosted on Crowdmap.com will remain at the same URLs. Nothing about the current access of functionality will change and you may continue to use them as normal. 

Will Crowdmap allow people to create Ushahidi deployments after the new version launches?

Yes. You can still use the Crowdmap "Classic" for users who want to continue using version 2.X of the Ushahidi Platform.

When will the now "classic" version of Crowdmap be retired?

At some point in the future, we'll be introducing "Ushahidi in the Cloud," which will become the hosted Ushahidi platform.  This new service will focus on our upcoming version 3.0 of the Ushahidi platform but legacy installations from Crowdmap will 

Will current Crowdmap users be able to use their current subdomains?

Yes. However, when the old version of Crowdmap is retired, any unused maps that only had only the default, "Hello Ushahidi" report will be removed.

Which maps will be automatically transitioned to the new version after the old Crowdmap is retired?

Maps with at least one report (not counting the default report) will be auto transitioned on closure of the old Crowdmap.

How do I transition my old Crowdmap to the new version before the old version is retired?

This automated process is still in development but there will be an option in the admin panel to convert the old Crowdmap to the new version. When this happens, we will erase the old Crowdmap.

Will existing links to my reports still be valid?

Yes, we will redirect URLs from the old reports to the new ones. However, the URLs will change so we recommend you update your links because we cannot guarantee these redirects will work forever.

Will I be able to take my data and run Ushahidi on my own server?

As soon as we have the automated transition process finished, we will provide a download of the SQL database, media files and a copy of Ushahidi. However, we can not provide support for installation on your own server.