I want to ask a question...

  • Search the wiki and forums for answers.
  • Then, add a forum post or email the community.

I want to file a bug or feature request for Ushahidi Platform and SwiftRiver....use Github Issues. Also, see Report a bug

I want to file a bug or submit a feature request for Crowdmap use: support AT crowdmap dot com.

I want to join the community...

Email the community...

  • Ushahidi Developer Mailing List:  developers AT ushahidi DOT com
    • To subscribe send an empty email to developers-subscribe AT list.ushahidi.com
  • Swift River Mailing List to join: swiftriver AT googlegroups DOT com
  • Ushahidi Community Mailing list: community AT list.ushahidi.com
    • To subscribe send an empty email to community-subscribe AT list.ushahidi.com

Quick Ways to Getting Involved

I want to write a blog post about xyz...Great, contact Angela at ushahidi dot com

I want to help edit the wiki...please go ahead. This is your space.

I want to learn how to deploy Ushahidi. See Ushahidi Toolkits and Our Products. Oh, and Contact Us

I want to help translate... review Localization and Translation

I want to do research.... see Research

I want to contact one of the team members... drop us a line at info at ushahidi dot com.

I want to talk with the community in real-time....join skype or IRC (Contact Us)


More help...

On Technical Issues:

On Non-Technical Issues:

  • Search this wiki or forums
  • Add a forum post for questions.
  • Share your knowledge on the wiki.
  • Collaborate with the Channel for Academics, Researchers and Community Skype Chat or mailing lists.
  • To ask general non-technical tickets, you can drop us a Contact note.
  • We are hoping to create a feedback/input space for you to help build Ushahidi.

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