Global Community

Ushahidi, Crowdmap and Swift River software are deployed worldwide. 

Ushahidi 's community is incredibly diverse with a wide-range of knowledge practitioners including software developers, researchers, designers, storytellers, activists, translators, change-makers, students, journalists, mappers, and many more. Each individual or organization seeks to share their map story, collect information, visualize topics over time with location and interact with their communities. These community pages are to help users share knowledge and experiences.

Some of the types of individuals, groups or organizations that use Ushahidi's products include: Non-governmental organizations, not-for-profits, non-governmental individuals (NGIs) , civil society and community-based organizations, activists, GIS mappers, academics/researchers, governments, cities, and you.


(Graffiti photo taken in Montreal (PQ) by Heather Leson)
(Special thanks to John Barlow for the NGI example.)