This section contains answers for common questions about SwiftRiver.

Components/ How to Use

What is a channel

What is a filter

What is a river

What is a bucket

Explain the drop or list view. What are the differences?

Explain the settings

How can I collaborate with others?

What is the difference between a river and a bucket?

What is the difference between collaborating on a river or a bucket?

Can I create a new bucket or river from one which I am collaborating on?

How can I delete a river or bucket? 

How do I create a River or a Bucket?

How do I browse to find other users rivers?

Can I Make My Bucket Private?

How do I remove an item from a bucket or river?

Can I select multiple items from the drop or list view?

Can two people collaborate on rivers or buckets at the same time?

How Long Does it Take for Content to Start Appearing in my River

My river is flowing but I'm not sure what to do with it

How do I follow rivers or buckets?

How does the ratings work?

How do I collaborate to edit or to view buckets or rivers?

How do I add or remove collaborators?

How does the discussion feature work?

What are trends?

How does the activity section work?


How do I Report Bugs or Give Feedback

How do I change my account settings?

Features and Code

Are There Plans to Integrate SwiftRiver with Ushahidi

Will there be any mobile UIs or apps for SwiftRiver 

What's under the hood?