A Step by Step Guide on How To Use The Ushahidi PlatformThis is a guide on how to use the Ushahidi platform. Within, we will explain how to download and install the Ushahidi platform, review the platform’s administrative capabilities, and briefly introduce the more advanced options for customizing and extending your deployment through plugins and themes. The guide will then introduce the main features of the Ushahidi platform, explaining all the tabs and functions that your users will interact with once your map is live on the web.
Before Using The Ushahidi PlatformThis document will walk you through some things you might want to think about before you start using the Ushahidi platform.
A Guide To VerificationThis guide will take you through several considerations to keep in mind relating to report verification.
How To Map SMS MessagesThis document explains the process of mapping SMS messages in the Ushahidi platform.
Election Monitoring: A Quick GuideThis document is intended to be a quick guide that collects tips, challenges & lessons learned coming from previous election monitoring deployments of the Ushahidi platform.
Election Monitoring: An Extended GuideThis guide walks you through some of the best practices and considerations related to the Ushahidi platform as a tool for election monitoring.
A Guide To Funding Your ProjectThis document is intended to provide you with some tips to think about when looking for funding to support your project or idea.