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Day of Swift Beta

SwiftRiver has been in beta for part of the summer. The code is now open and available on github. We're hosting a Day of Swift Beta to connect with you to brain test and talk Swift. This will be an online event hosted on skype and Irc. You can connect with us:

When: Saturday September 8, 2012

Times: 13:00 EAT - 17:00pm EAT, 12:00 pm EST - 16:00pm EST (If we can get some help in the PST timezone, we'll extend the hours to be PST friendly too.)

Who: David, Emmanuel and Heather

The plan: (totally hackable)

It is always better to test software together. We'd like to bounce ideas with you. So, here's to a Day of Swift Beta

  1. Get your swift beta account
  2. Connect with us either via skype or irc: Contact Us
  3. Logon during the Day of Swift into the Swift Public Skype channel or IRC. We can then collaborate
  4. We'll set up an etherpad and google doc to collaborate topics. The team might even designate items to test/break as part of the day.
  5. Issues, bugs and features will be tracked in Github

Your ideas:

  1. Just set up public river for test day:

    Twitter keyword #chinaearthquake2012sep7

    Feel free to tweet, retweet or collaborate on river.

    1. grand, I will collaborate

  2. I just added most of the SwiftDay participants as editors to the China Earthquake river. (the ones I could find, anyway) Posted several tweets with hash tag #chinaearthquake2012sep7 but after fours hours the are no drops in the river.


    1. Hi Dan, we are in skype chatting. There is an issue with the production server which is being flushed at the moment. Thanks for sharing the river. I set up some and will share with you too

  3. I promised a summary of the Day of Swift event:

    • there were some server delays which caused new feeds to not propagate. Emmanuel worked with David to resolve this.
    • Alexander Voss shared his research:   and
    • We created some outline Swift Documentation on the wiki to be filled in.
    • There were two folks who did a full install of Swift to test the functionality.
    • A number of Swift tickets for investigation were submitted