The information in this wiki hasn't been maintained for a good while. Some of the projects described have since been deprecated.

In particular, the "Ushahidi Platform v3.x" section contains information that is often misleading. Many details about this version of Platform have changed since.

This website is an extraction of the original Ushahidi wiki into a static form. Because of that, functions like logging in, commenting or searching will not work.

For more documentation, please refer to

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All our code is up on GitHub where you can keep up with the latest developments and the platform roadmap. To file a bug or a feature request, simply create a new GitHub issue at tag it appropriately. You can use one or more of the following tags:

  • Bug
  • Feature
  • Enhancement
  • Feedback

The folks at GitHub have done a fantastic job so you will get notified each time there's a comment on your issue or if it gets referenced in a commit. How cool is that?!!

We also have a mailing list where developers, deployers and the curious get to interact - swiftriver(at)googlegroups(dot)com...and there's also @swiftriver on Twitter.