The information in this wiki hasn't been maintained for a good while. Some of the projects described have since been deprecated.

In particular, the "Ushahidi Platform v3.x" section contains information that is often misleading. Many details about this version of Platform have changed since.

This website is an extraction of the original Ushahidi wiki into a static form. Because of that, functions like logging in, commenting or searching will not work.

For more documentation, please refer to

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    Map mandate: This map aims to gather and share information on the damage caused to cultural heritage due to the floods in Uttrakhand, India

    Label: India cultural crisis

    Type of map: crisis map




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    Contacto: ,

    Tipo: Salud, Hábitos saludables, Deporte, Recreación

  es un sitio web basado en los principios de interacción colaborativa e inteligencia colectiva. Su interfaz permite a los usuarios seleccionar una el mapa de cualquier ciudad del mundo, nosotros hemos elegido a la ciudad de Rosario por defecto, e intervenirlo a partir del trazado de recorridos a los cuales hemos denominado Rutas Aeróbicas.
    Los usuarios pueden categorizar sus rutas según el modo de transitarlas en función de lo cual se definió el siguiente criterio de agrupamiento: Caminata, Running, Bicicleta, Rollers y Silla de Ruedas. El sitio permite asignarle un nombre cada Ruta Aeróbica, realizar una descripción de la misma e ilustrarla con elementos multimedia con el objeto brindarle referencias útiles a otros usuarios que deseen recorrerlas.

    La interacción entre usuarios es uno de los puntos centrales de nuestro proyecto, de modo que es posible realizar comentarios en cada ruta lo cual permite la vinculación entre los navegantes y los creadores de las rutas.

    Este trabajo expresa el abordaje teórico y práctico que el equipo de Rutas Aeróbicas realizó para la concreción del proyecto. El mismo dibuja un recorrido que comienza con la concepción del proyecto pasando por las etapas de desarrollo y culmina con la implementación final.

    Por último, se desarrollan algunas ideas sobre distintas formas de visualizar nuestro proyecto a partir del pensamiento de algunos autores que abordan temas relacionados a la virtualización, espacio urbano, consumo cultural, construcción simbólica de y comunicación.


    Resume is a website based on two main concepts “collaborative interaction” and “collective intelligence”. Its interface allows users to select a map of any city in the world, and then mark and lay out tours which we have called “Aerobic Pathways”. They can also interact with a community of active users discussing routes or any other related info. The default city map in the site at the moment, is Rosario, Argentina, our city. Altought as the site use a Google Maps platform, any city map in the world can be selected.
    Users can label their routes based on the way they tour them; the available categories are: Hiking, Running, Biking, Rollers and Wheel Chair. The site allows you to assign a name to each Aerobic Pathway, provide a description of it and even illustrate it with multimedia elements in order to provide useful references to other users that may be interested.
    The interaction between users is one of the main points of our project, so it is possible for members to comment on each route allowing them to bound and form an active community.
    This paper expresses the theoretical and practical approach that the Aerobic Pathways team built for the realization of the project, it draws a journey that begins with the abstract conception of the project following through all the different stages of development of the site and the community.
    Finally, we develop some ideas about the different ways to view and concibe our project, using as support concepts from various authors that address to issues related to: virtualization, urban space, cultural consumption, symbolic construction and communication.

  3. Map Project link:

    Map mandate: If you are a customer of a wireless internet provider and you have troubles with your connection it is crucial to know if they are due to your service provider or to an external reason like: jammer, amateur radio and so. The Ushahidi paradigm is in its inner nature capable to give an answer to that query creating a new way of interplaing for the user community and provider; and among the community users. A new way to realize the customer relationship management with a peer-to-peer communication between ISP and customers; may be the next generation of CRM. For sure the first and the unique web project that gives a clear answer to a potential serious trouble.

    My community contact: or Twitter handle: @cypherinfo

    Image of my map:


    Type of Map: Crisis map, Custom Relationship Management Map, 



    VAWHelp is a Crowd-sourcing Project, an Initiative by MFORCHANGE a non-profit entity with primary focus on bridging the gap between technology and social change. It was founded on the belief that there is considerable gap between the technology that is available on hand and people it can serve. Here at VAWHelp, we Collect, Verify and Host Information about Helplines for Women and Children in Distress in India. VAWHelp is currently India's only Helplines directory.

    Map Type: Human Rights

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