The information in this wiki hasn't been maintained for a good while. Some of the projects described have since been deprecated.

In particular, the "Ushahidi Platform v3.x" section contains information that is often misleading. Many details about this version of Platform have changed since.

This website is an extraction of the original Ushahidi wiki into a static form. Because of that, functions like logging in, commenting or searching will not work.

For more documentation, please refer to

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Once you've created your profile, you can see all Your Posts or all the latest Crowdmap Posts of other users you follow.

View your latest posts from "My Profile":

To view posts on your own profile, click on the drop-down arrow in the top right hand corner of the Crowdmap page and click on "My Profile"

See documentation on how your profile looks like (smile).

View all the Latest Posts:

You should be able to see all the latest posts from people you follow on your crowdmap timeline.

You can comment on posts,

View which maps they belong to/ add them to a certain map( this feature is coming soon)

Like them,

And share them too!

You can also view all the latest photos on your timeline

Create a Post

Here are the steps to submit a post and learn more about the fields:

Step 1: Add Text

Add the content of your post, e.g I love the crowdmap elephant

Note: We added a 'markdown' cheat sheet to help you with basic post commands:

Step 2: Click on the Camera and add a photo (from your photo files), if you have one to share

Step 3: Add your Location (optional)

 If the place you are trying to add doesn't already exist in the location, you can add it, and it will be saved in our crowdmap place database.

Step 4: You can add a post with the option of adding this post to a map.

You can add the post to maps you own, or maps you follow


Step 5: Private settings can be changed. You can share the post with "public" or "private". (optional)

Note: a private post not posted to any maps is only viewable by the post owner. A private post posted to a map is viewable by any owner and collaborators of that particular map.