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Nominations are welcome for Deployment of the Week. Send your recommendation via our various Contact Us channels  or   @ushahidi with your recommendation. 



How it works: The goal is to recognize deployments, deployers, teams of deployers, individuals and communities and feature Ushahidi and Crowdmaps that do one or more of the following:

  • Builds community and teamwork
  • Location - maps from around the world
  • Your choice
  • Showcase/expand the open source software (new themes or code)
  • Demonstrate unique or timely topic, be active
  • Community outreach

More details from our blog post.

Deployment of the Week is back! 


July 7: Discrimination Map, Sweden

June 29: Albanian Election Monitoring

June 19: Burundi 2015 & Burundi Elections

June 12:

May 24: Watch The Med 

April 24: Liberia Peacebuilding Office

April 15: United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization deployments (UNESCO): Global Action Programme on Education for Sustainable Development Launch Commitments; World Book and Copyright Day (April 23rd, 2015)

April 1 & 8: Nigerian Election Monitoring Maps -


Pollwatch Nigeria

Vanguard Election Watch  

March 26  The Nigeria Electoral Early Warning System or NEEWS 2015 

March 16th Telecoms support needed for Vanuatu

March 9  Research on a Deployment of the week, Towards a Safer City - Harassmap

March 2 VAW Help

February 23 Anti-Eviction Mapping Projectnarratives of San Francisco Bay area residents.

February 16  Mapping the State of Media Freedom in Europe. 


February 21

2014年2月広域豪雪災害情報マップ(Heavy Snowfall, Japan)

January 24

Raccontalo alla Provincia pavese (Italy)

January 17


December 5

November 15 Typhoon Haiyan(VISOV)

October 31 One De Olho Nas Emendas

October 16 Pantau Pusaka Indonesia (Preserving Indonesian Heritage

October 11 Vulture Resightings

October 4 World Teacher's Day

September 26 FoodSync

September 20 Reevo

September 13 Compassion Games and Crisis Scape

August 27  Desapariciones  and Porlosquefaltanen Mexico 

August 20 Khartoum Floods

August 13 Ser Fiscal Mapa del Delito Electoral 2013

August 6 Monitoring Budgets (Nigeria)

July 30  Prague Watch

July 23 Media Center - Pusat Informasi Bencana di Indonesia

July 16 Citizen Action in Philippines

July 9 Food Sync

July 3 Chile Movilizado

June 26 Lakatlan

June 19 Flood News

June 11 Iran Voices

June 4 Krizova Mapa Ceska (mapping floods in Czech Republic)

May 28 Media Freedom 254

May 14 Love Map (Taiwan)

May 7: Jaag Pakistan (Election Mapping in Pakistan)

April 30:  Great Lakes Commons
April 23: VeraFiles (Election Monitoring in Philippines)
April 16:
Voto Reporte and Defiendetuvoto (Election Monitoring in Venezuela)
April 9: Inundaciones del 2 Abril (Floods in Argentina)
April 2: Wish20: Ecocide: A global citizens initiative to end ecocide by 2020

March 26: Trashwag: Wood and Materials Salvage
March 19: Draw a Red Line: Join the Fight against Corruption
March 12: SxtxStories: Journalism students covered SXSW using Ushahidi software.
March 5: Haruna: Response to the Cyclone in Madagascar

February 27: Medicine Sans Frontieres Greece created Pastilies Map: Solidarity for the Suffering of Others.
February 19: Dispute Monitor (Iraqi Centre for Negotiation and Conflict Management) Note: this is not a public-facing map.
February 12: Missing or Unsolved Murders Of Indigenous Sisters
February 5: World Radio Day

January 29: Brisbane Floods
January 22: OpenIR Jakarta Banjir (Flood)
January 15: BezDim (Pro-Public space in Bulgaria)
January 8: Gratitude Map (global)


December 18: Alerts! Connect (Samoa)
December 11: Sourcing Pro-Poor Innovations
December 4: Mapping the Mangroves

November 27: ICT in Conflict & Disaster Response and Peacebuilding
November 20: Palestine CrisisMap (Bindup)
November 13: Harassmap (Egypt)
November 6: (Corruption Mapping in Kosovo)

October 31: Hurricane Sandy Mappers (many)

Huffington Post:
OpenIR: Hurricane Sandy: x.php/
Fairfax County:
The Brooklyn Sandy:
Transit after Sandy:
NYC Severe Weather Map (Not activated for this response):
VT Response:
DC Sandy:
Sandy Coworking:
Storm Watch :
Delaware Sandy:
Catskills Hurricane Sandy:
Upstate NYC:
DMV Sandy:
Hytropy Sandy:
Sandy Comms Map -
Maryland Sandy -
Staten Island Sandy -
Sandy Shelter -
Sandy Debris -
Sandy Gouge -

October 23: I Paid the Bribe
October 16: Il Simulacro Nacional y IV Simulacro Distrial de Evacuacion por Sismos
October 9: Sidewalks of LA
October 2: Women Under Siege Syria

September 25: Lenasia Crime Alert
September 18: Women in Tech Organizations in Africa
September 11: Velobstacles: tracking obstacles in the Montreal Bike Network (Canada)
September 4: Nepal Monitor: Monitoring Nepal's human rights and security situation (Nepal)

August 28: Monitor Corrupcion (Colombia)
August 23: React! (tracking Harassment in Macedonia)
August 10: Open for Business: Small Firms Open for Business during the Olympics
August 3: Alegeri Corecte (Referendum 2012, Romania)

July 27: CrisisMappersUK: London Olympics 2012
July 20: Aztecast: San Diego State University
July 13: Krymsk (Mapping floods in Kuban (Russia))
July 6: End Slavery Tennessee (Door Hanger Placement Campaign)

June 29: Orasulmeu: Mapping Traffic in Romania
June 22: Korupedia: Mapping Corruption in Indonesia
June 15: Contamos: mapping the Mexican elections
June 8: Jom Pantau: Election Monitoring in Malaysia
June 1: Operation Endgame:Policemen killed post-1992 and 1996 operations

May 25: Bijoya (Mapping Harassment of Women in Bangladesh)
May 18: Design Week NYC
May 11: Conflict in Burma
May 4: Mind the News Gap (Press Gazette article)

April 27: Our Rio20
April 20: Ghana Votes 2012
April 13: A New Thing: activities in Southeastern Pennsylvania Synod congregations 
April 6: Nigeria Security Tracker outreach, methodology

March 30: Syria Tracker: Missing, Killed, Arrested, Eyewitness, Report outreach, timely
March 23: Which Teams are you rooting for?(NCAA tournament) unique
March 16: Mapping Environmental issues, including decontamination in Montreal (PQ) unique, community
March 2: Africa Hubs: Tracking Tech Hubs, University Tech Hubs, Hackerspaces, and Business Incubators across Africa

February 24: Tell Mama UK (reporting Anti-Muslim activities in UK) - Community, leadership
February 17: Cyclone Giovanna (Madagascar) (Coverage via @globalvoices) - Newsworthy
February 9: Mapascoletivos (Brazil - Urban mobility, Environment)  - great UI
February 3: Energy Shortages  (uses as a layer) - global outreach

January 29 - School kids create Cost of Chicken - unique and global
January 13 - I Spot Fair Trade : retail locations selling US and Canada - unique, showcase
January 6 -   Looted Heritage: Monitoring the Illicit Antiquities Trade (global) - unique


December 16: Christmas Lights in Houston by @houstonchron  - Media engaging community
December 9 : Take back the Tech: Map it. End it. Mapping Technology Related Violence against Women. - Global, showcase
December 2: Mapping the Egyptian Election (U-shahid)

November 25:  Mapping Occupy Wall Street #occupymap -  Timely, showcase
Nov 3: UNICEF Innovations Lab in Kosovo, mapping out youth projects  - Unique

October 28: Van, Turkey Earthquake (collaboration between Al Jazeera and the Standby Task Force) - teamwork
October 21: Mapping Election Monitoring with Ushahidi Liberia - Teamwork, showcase
October 14 : Mapping violence against women in India via @maps4aid  - community, outreach
October 7:  Mapping United for Global Change - one of the largest global deployments

September 30: Molodova and the Chisinau city council approved map - unique, community
September 23:   Mapping the Everyday Community Needs (Segnala Livorno, Italy) - community
September 15:  Election monitoring in Guatemala and Bantu Watch (Zambia)(election monitoring) - timely, unique

September 9:    Mapping Hospitals in Barcelona (Spain) - community, unique
September 2:   Hurricane Irene Maps:  IreneRecovery,   Irene (Maryland) and Irene (Vermont)  - timely, community

August 26:   Mapping Corruption/Violence (Bulgaria) - showcase, community
August 19: Corruption, Traffic - Lagos Traffic   (Nigeria) - unique
August 12: Agriculture - Agrotestigo Plant Disease tracking (Argentina) - location, unique
August 3:   Fix your Street (Ireland) - location, community

July 26: Zabatak - corruption mapping (Egypt) - location, unique
July 18: Mapping Petrol Availability (South Africa) - location, timely

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